curls of smoke (ep)

by Espe & The Shepherd's Purse

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all songs recorded by Espe & The Shepherd's Purse in St. Roch chapel. NEW ORLEANS, 2014 &
Sidecut Metropark Aviary. MAUMEE, OHIO. 2014

all songs mastered by TIM STORY
all songs written by RIDDY

vox & guitar: RIDDY ARMAN


released May 24, 2014

banner and profile picture by: SACHI NASATIR




Espe & The Shepherd's Purse New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Wolfneck
to the neck of the wolf we tie our leather and metals
well we bury their burrows and plant not a petal
you brush through your red hair soft with a thistle
paint on your black eyes and shoot looks down a pistol

the boots we bare keep our feet soft and thin
like the shoes on a horse we lose memories of kin
well wild hands dig deep through the dirt
sifting through stones and our mother's hurt

usnea drip from the pin oak tree
like the salt on the beard of a sailor at sea
she'll wrap your heart in the husk of the river
put your bones in her toolbox and use your arm as a quiver
Track Name: Ship of Crows
well my mother died in ohio
my father died at the sea
every time i'm near that water my papa comes back to me

daddy you can lie back now
there's a stake in your black heart
you left my ma, and she left me
now we're all apart

flock of crows sitting at my feet so sore, feels like i'm ready dead
can't stay around long, gotta chase my head

heart grown cold
head gone gray
think i'm past my dying day, and in heaven my poor heart will thaw
i'll be seated next to ma and pa
Track Name: Hilltop
blacktop hilltop mudswamp floor
raised on corn and rip-jean torn
buckeyes, walleyes, and rivers of thorn
must be ohio born

honey-locust pocus hollow, we'd build forts under trees
make houses for deer to sleep on their knees
running dirt paths through the sumac trees,
finding old skulls down in the ravine
dear brother, may you always feel free

skipping rocks through rapids and creeks
catching fish down in the maumee
i may be away but these memories will be
dear brother, may you always feel free
Track Name: Ring-Tailed Roarer
he was a ring-tailed roarer, road all the stars in the sky
road his horse into a dust storm and he swore it didn't make his eyes cry

your stories doused in kerosene don't set fire to my eyes
an explosion i did hear as your mouth slipped out far-cries
milk thistle-pistol strapped to my liver like a gun
your boozy walk, and charming talk, i can see bright as the sun

now it's fun to see a raconteur rack his well all dry
they will shrivel in drought about their own until they starts to live a new lie

she was a ring-tailed roarer, road all the stars in the sky
road her horse into a dust storm and she swore it didn't make her eyes cry
Track Name: Landers Blues
well the dogs they buck-up the water in the swampy river bottom
run dogs, run
the rooster flies,
past the gun-clad kids with death on their minds
hear the crow, hear the last breath crow

i'm hot as an iron
wet as a dog
feelin' down low
i'm home

the grackle she sings on the altar of the tree,
grown over dad's grave
the cat claws into the roof of our house,
bringing in the sun and rain

well that ol' new orleans
she's got me on my knees
throwing all my glory at her feet

the rocking chair moans as an old lady sits,
crying all alone

it's that deep south of the line
last damn dime
louisiana landers blues
Track Name: Big Mad Mama
big mad mama ran a damn fine cat house in new orleans
she blew a hole in my pocket and everybody called her a queen
she kept a gun in her bra and a knife down in her down in between
she didn't like water and she only drank whiskey, damn that shit made her mean

oh mad mama
oh mad mama

well big mad mama had the fastest hands you ain't ever seen
just a dime for a dance and a dollar for your wildest dreams
don't ya push her too far, you'll end up dead in the yard with a dagger stepped in your spleen
she could always drink whiskey, and she smoked like a chimney
she's the only real woman for me

oh mad mama
oh mad mama

now she cast me aside, cursed my soul 'cause i lied, won't take my dollar as much as i try
and now i'm going down south, gonna shoot that cat house
that strong woman she made me untied

oh you're gone mad mama
oh you're gone mad mama

ORIGINAL SONG LYRICS by: rachel weatherby & her sister